INERCO Acoustics Academy: Specific applied acoustics training

In these 20 years of experience, one of the milestones that we are most proud to have contributed to promote knowledge of sound among professionals in the industry, the environment and buildings is the Acoustics Academy.

Sound is a complex science, rarely studied at Technical Schools and solutions have always been an important part in publicising our expertise to customers and partners through specific training courses and technical talks. We specialize in educating building professionals, environmental, industrial hygiene and industrial engineering in acoustics.

We give specific tailored courses on the following needs:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements in acoustics
  • Having expertise in acoustics
  • Solution design for noise and vibration control systems
  • Systematic measurement of noise and vibration
  • Calculation methods and results prediction



 Pedro Flores Perita Inerco Acustica Academia

Pedro Flores 


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