Acoustic Consultancy - Technical viability of projects by modeling

As acoustic consultant experts in industrial, environmental and building sectors INERCO Acústica can advise technically and justify the technical feasibility of their projects.

The vast majority of projects are required to meet a series of acoustic limits: environmental, construction, and noise exposure. Our mission is to help in the drafting of projects (with supporting documents) as experts in the acoustic field, for which we have the most innovative acoustic modelling programs with the necessary experts to handle the projects:

  • Industry: as entities must justify both the degree of environmental noise contamination and noise levels to buildings affected by their activities. Our knowledge of industrial and noise pollution allows us to offer a global service to justify the acoustic viability of industrial projects using computational models, simulation programs and acoustic measurement techniques.
  • Transport infrastructure (roads, railways, airports and ports) frequently emit acoustic contamination, and as such are required to comply with specified levels of noise emission. We help these activities to justify the appropriateness of their noise contamination, justify the noise impact and its condition to ensure that they comply with the noise limits that have been specified by the relevant legislation.
  • Noisy activities: we draft acoustic justifications to demonstrate the adequacy of construction solutions in enclosures housing noisy activities and amenities to ensure the maximum emission levels are not affected in the environment and in other venues. It´s supplementary advice that is focused towards architects and engineers, who require their projects and technical work to be verified / approved by acoustic engineers.
  • Acoustics in building work : to limit the risks at project level in order to meet the requirements of quality and regulatory limits within the building, implementation of CTE DB HR, sound emission levels generated by the facility, etc.