Training in Emergencies and Professional Rescue

The training activities of INERCO Forespro are designed to ensure that all personnel performing rescues or that could be called upon to intervene in emergency situations can perform these tasks with adequate theoretical and practical training understanding the techniques, features, limitations and usage of equipment and means at their disposal, in the framework objective of zero accidents.

Each client has specific needs. Our methodology involves obtaining information about their equipment and means, the existing risks, their own Occupational Risk Prevention rules and Emergency Plan, in addition to knowledge aboutpersonnel previous training.

Thus, the training focuses on the real needs of the customer, in their environment and with the means that are actually used or that could be used as well as their procedures.

  • Mountain rescue and rescue at height
  • Rescue in chasms and ravines
  • Rescue in rivers and floods
  • Urban flood rescue
  • Rescue in urban and industrial environments
  • Rescue in Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (NRBC) environments
  • Rescate Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Underwater Rescue
  • Helicopter transport rescue (drivers, crane operators, rescuers, crew)
  • Rescue SAR (Maritime Rescue)
  • Firefighting in urban and industrial environments
  • Emergency management in interventions
  • Command and control of rescue
  • Health training for first responders

David Verdugo Tamayo Inerco Forespro emergencia rescate formacion

David Verdugo Tamayo

Managing Director
INERCO Forespro

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INERCO Forespro Rescue and Emergencies