Industrial Emergency and Rescue Training

All our solutions are designed to suit each client.

Using the precise knowledge of their equipment and means, the existing risks, own Occupational Risks Prevention Rules (PRL) and Emergency Plan, in addition to knowledge about personnel previous training.

Thus, the training focuses on the real needs of the customer, in their environment and with the means that are actually used or that could be used.

INERCO Forespro develops advanced services in the fields of firefighting, special risk jobs, including save-and-rescue, professional diving, survival and naval safety and are endorsed or keep the highest international standards and accreditations ( NFPA, ICAO, HUET-OMI and IDSA)

  • Evacuation and emergency drills
  • Self rescue in industrial settings (height, confined spaces, NRBC)
  • Equipment for use in industrial fire fighting
  • HUET-Safety training for Offshore work and naval emergencies
  • Survival at Sea
  • Management of industrial emergencies
  • Command and control for intervention team leaders
  • Healthcare Training
  • CRM, ORM in industrial environments

David Verdugo Tamayo Inerco Forespro emergencia rescate formacion

David Verdugo Tamayo

Managing Director
INERCO Forespro

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INERCO Forespro Rescue and Emergencies