INERCO Forespro, a specialised group within the INERCO Group, deals with the training of private sand public sector emergency team personnel, , advanced training for workers who are exposed to specific risks and specialised services of active and passive safety in industrial environments and emergencies, from a perspective and own and unique methodology.

INERCO Forespro was founded by the union of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with years of experience and a very clear idea: to transmit our comprehensive knowledge to the training of teams or rescue units, emergencies and special risk jobs in both private and public sector environments.

Our method 'Learning by Doing' is designed for the selection and ongoing training of members of rescue teams, emergencies and specialised workers, with the guarantee of being able to create real professionals, both technically and psychologically.

The multidisciplinary staff of INERCO Forespro consists of former members of the Armed Forces , specialists in diving operations, search and rescue (land, sea and air), Air Rescue Services ,Experts in Occupational Risk Prevention , Industrial engineers , Chemists, professional firefighters etc.

Currently we have clients from industry, government, national and international private companies who have placed their confidence in our methodology and specialised services.

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David Verdugo Tamayo Inerco Forespro emergencia rescate formacion

David Verdugo Tamayo

Managing Director
INERCO Forespro

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INERCO Forespro Rescue and Emergencies