Waste Act

Royal Decree 393/2007 for the Basic Self-Protection of establishments engaged in activities that may lead to emergency situations, establishes the need for an internal emergency plan for establishments affected by the Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Land.

In the process of administrative approval of producers or operators of waste facilities in accordance with Law 22/2011 on waste and contaminated land a need is established for the evaluation and certification by an accredited organization of the emergency plan of the affected establishment, certifying that the plan meets the emergency requirements established in Royal Decree 393/2007 and Law 22/2011.

INERCO has a team of highly qualified and experienced inspectors in the evaluation and certification of internal emergency plans under Royal Decree 393/2007 and Law 22/2011, in a variety of industries: Mining, Energy, Oil, Chemical, Health, Authorised Vehicle Treatment Centres, Automotive Industry, etc.

The methodology used by INERCO for certification and implementation of emergency plans, can be found under the Quality and Environmental Assurance System of INERCO, certified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 , which ensures a high level of quality and uniformity.

  • Waste Act
    • Certification and implementation of emergency plans in accordance with the Waste Act and Royal Decree 393/2007

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