Liquid effluent ponds safety

Industries in general, and in particular in agr-food sector, need liquid effluent and sludge deposits for the development of their activities.

In Andalusia, given the large number of such existing deposits and in order to minimize the risks of such facilities, Decree 281/2002 of 13th November, approved the authorisation to regulate control of liquid effluents in agriculture mining and industrial activities.

In order to facilitate compliance with safety regulations for such liquid effluent and sludge ponds, INERCO provides Cooperation Control services for the Andalusian regional government to ensure compliance with Decree 281/2002.

INERCO has a team of highly qualified inspectors and evaluators with extensive experience in the evaluation and certification of the documentation derived from Decree 281/2002 in Andalusia.

The methodology used by INERCO  for certification and evaluation of the documentation required to deposit liquid effluent is under the Quality and Environmental Assurance System of INERCO, certified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001, which ensures a high level of quality and consistency.

  • Liquid effluent ponds safety
    • Evaluation of construction projects
    • Evaluation of projects decommissioning and abandonment
    • Certification of construction work projects
    • Certification of construction projects decommissioning and abandonment

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