Major Accident

Legislation on Major Accidents (Seveso), Royal Decree 840/2015, establishes the obligation for affected industrial establishments to take the necessary measures to prevent major accidents and, in case they occur, limit their consequences.

For the verification and enforcement of these obligations the involvement of accredited testing bodies is required, which usually require competent authority to carry out inspections and evaluations of the documentation associated with the implementation of Royal Decree 840/2015.

INERCO has a team of highly qualified inspectors, with extensive experience in the evaluation of documentation for compliance with the principles established in this legislation, as well as in conducting periodic inspections under Article 21 of Royal Decree 840/2015 relevant to all industrial sectors: Refining, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Gas, Energy, Mining, Cement, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Steel Industry, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Additionally, at regional level in Spain INERCO coordinates a Plan of routine inspections established by the Local ministry of Economy and Knoweledge of Andalusia for major accidents.

  • Major Accidents
    • Technical opinions on notifications
    • Technical opinions on Safety Reports
    • Technical opinions on Emergency Plans
    • Safety inspections according to Article 21 of Royal Decree 840/2015
    • Internal Audits of Safety Management Systems
    • Non-substantial changes certification reports
    • Technical opinions on quantitative risk analysis
    • Monitoring of emergency drills
    • Research reports after major accidents

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Technical Manager of Industrial Safety

INERCO Inspection and Control

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