Fire Safety

Regulationon Fire Safety in Industrial Establishments (Royal Decree 2267/2004) establishes the obligation of carrying out an inspection by an Authorised Control Body for those affected industrial establishments with a frequency that depends on the level of inherent risk at the facilities (every 2, 3 or 5 years).

Also, this Royal Decree, together with Royal Decree 1942/1993 and its subsequent amendments on firefighting equipment, establishes the need to comply with the UNE application, in order to ensure proper design of facilities for fire protection.

INERCO has a team of highly qualified inspectors, experienced in periodic inspections in accordance with Article 6 of the Royal Decree 2267/2004 and the verification of compliance with the recognised rules, in a variety of industries: Crude Oil Refining, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Gas, Energy, Mining, etc.

Additionally, INERCO participates at regional level in the Plan of routine inspections of firefighting equipment established by the Local ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of Andalucia.

  • Fire Safety
    • Regulatory inspections under the Regulationon Fire Safety in Industrial Establishments Royal Decree 2267/2004
    • Audits on legal maintainability performed on firefighting establishments
    • Certification of alternative measures for compliance with
      Royal Decree 2267/2004
    • Technical advice on the verification and evaluation of firefighting facilities under recognised standards and best practices

Pablo Fernández Escribano Inerco Seguridad Industrial

Pablo Fernández Escribano

Technical Manager of Industrial Safety

INERCO Inspection and Control

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