Risk Assessments

Our experience and background mean that our risk assessments are particularly comprehensive for facilities and jobs where there are complex risk factors of significant magnitude. Also for occassions when the magnitude of the task requires outsourcing but without loss of speciality knowledge.

We address:

  • Initial and periodic risk assessments
  • Risk assessments of workplaces and job tasks
  • Definition of corrective measures and specific control
  • Estimating the cost of economic measures
  • Description and implementation of corrective measures

As indicated, our risk assessments are specific and complete in the places of work evaluated.

We also have our own software tool that is very easy to use, which allows us to update assessments with simplicity, making possible the definition of preventive and responsible planning adhering to deadlines in an easily traceable manner.

Our experience in developing and reviewing risk assessments before considering downsizing also guarantees assurances when undertaking such studies.

Finally, we also address the study of risks of aging employees in the workplace.


 Pablo Navarro Seguridad Prevencion Riesgos Laborales Inerco

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INERCO Risk Prevention

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INERCO Risk Prevention