Design and Implementation of Corrective Measures

Our experience and the type of customers we have had has led us to become Preventative Engineers, taking prevention form document form to reality. This same step we can be given to the field of applied social psychology.

As such, we address:

  • Definition of technical specifications for preventive measures
  • Advice in Purchasing Management (Buying)
  • Definition of specifications for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Design and implementation of signage
  • Improvement programs related to psychosocial factors

In this area INERCO Acoustic handles all the measures for solving problems caused by noise and vibration, in any type of environment

 Pablo Navarro Seguridad Prevencion Riesgos Laborales Inerco

Pablo M. Navarro 

Managing Director

INERCO Risk Prevention

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INERCO Risk Prevention