Occupational Risk Prevention

INERCO has worked in the field of risk prevention since 1991, driven by requests for products and services from traditional INERCO  customers in the sector of prevention. From the beginning, INERCO  opted for the development of studies and prevention services with the premise that they would be useful for the employers, serving both to comply with the applicable laws and also to enable better management of risks.

Therefore, facing up to of the typical management of risks in petrochemical, cement, metallurgy, mining, chemical sectors, naval and industrial construction, among others, has been a constant challenge since our inception.

In 2000 the company INERCO Risk Prevention SA was created to act as a service specializing in Occupational Safety Prevention, Industrial Hygiene , Ergonomics and Applied Psychology throughout Spain and since late 2013 has been specializing in Occupational Medicine in the provinces of Seville, Cadiz, Huelva, Cordoba and Malaga.

Our products and services have evolved and we are constantly trying to bring more added value to our customers, incorporating prevention and strategic consulting in the design and implementation of solutions, not to mention those evaluations and services with technical complexity or the importance of adequately controlling risks, needed for a preventive approach to quality. Experience in the development of this work has also enabled the improvement of our competitiveness, extending the range of customers who choose our effective approach to prevention.

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 Pablo Navarro Seguridad Prevencion Riesgos Laborales Inerco

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INERCO Risk Prevention

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INERCO Risk Prevention