Seveso implementation in Turkey

INERCO has reached an agreement with the Turkish company DORUK for delivering services regarding the compliance of Major Accident Hazards Regulation by the industry in Turkey.

This agreement allows INERCO and DORUK Sistem responding to the needs of industry in safety and risk management, with technical support to guarantee safety levels compatible with the activity, the environment and compliance with regulations. Risk Analysis (Seveso II, Hazop and SIL Analysis, Environmental Risk), Emergency Planning (development, implantation and emergency Management Systems), and Safety Management Systems.

INERCO knows industrial reality and has more than 40 professionals with experience and technical capabilities to provide comprehensive services according to the needs of our clients. INERCO has a wide and extensive experience in SEVESO industry  for a wide range of sectors like the Oil & Gas sector. INERCO ’s staff has a deep understanding of process facilities and client’s requirements using the appropriate methodology, risk analysis tools and the specific software in order to get an adequate interpretation of results. This broad experience allows us to offer a high degree of quality assurance and compliance with technical requirements for the realization of the services. INERCO develops the services based on the most advanced international standards such as NFPA, API, AIChe, TNO, IEC, among others, depending on the safety case. INERCO also has the most advanced technical resources on risk modeling and information sources of international prestige and validity.

Also, INERCO has a long time experience in different SEVESO approaches and for the whole variety of SEVESO industries, as linking references companies for both Industry and Government, bringing the project the overall vision of all the SEVESO stakeholders, necessary for a successful implementation, and advising and cooperation with national, regional and local administrations responsible for SEVESO implementation in fields like:

  • Accredited certification body for carrying out official SEVESO inspections in establishments and revision of Safety Reports and Emergency Plans all over Spain
  • Development of methodologies (Risk analysis, inspections guidance)
  • Land-Use Planning development
  • External Emergency Plan preparation.


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Doruk Sistem Seveso Industry services




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