Product Safety (REACH, CLP, Biocides, etc.)

FEIQUE and INERCO created REACH Integra, S.L. with the mission of providing comprehensive solutions to manufacturers, importers and users of chemicals, which are required to meet complex requirements arising from different national and European legislation regarding Product Safety and Stewardship.

Registrations and authorizations

REACH Regulation

  • Registration and Evaluation
    • Registration and Evaluation
    • Pre-registration of “phase-in” substances and inquiries of non phase-in substances
    • Chemical Safety Assessment: Chemical Safety Report and exposure scenarios
    • Characterization and identification of substances
    • Uses Communication and notification of SVHC
    • Technical advice during the evaluation of substances included in CORAP
  • Only Representative
    • Only Representative of companies not established in the European Union (EU)
  • • Authorization of substances and uses
    • Development of applications for authorizations of use of SVHC
    • Communications with ECHA ( European Chemicals Agency ) and other applicants, etc. 

Regulation of biocides

  • Development of active substance approval applications, as well as modification of the conditions of approval applications and renewal of active substances approval.
  • Development of authorization of biocidal products and biocidal family through general or simplified procedure.
  • Preliminary risk assessmentand exposure scenarios.
  • Applications for national authorizations and its renewal, as well as mutual recognition.
  • Applications for EUauthorizations and its renewal..
  • Inclusion on the list of active substances and suppliers (Article 95) Development of technical equivalence dossiers.

Consortia, SIEF and laboratories management

  • Administrative, technical and financial management of SIEF and Consortia
  • Representation before SIEF and Coansortia
  • Laboratory management:, monitoring and outsourcing of characterization and identification tests and physicochemical studies and (eco) toxicological and efficiency of biocides etc.
  • Legal advice through chemical regulations specialized law firms

Classification and labelling

  • Classification of substances and mixtures: CLP - GHS (GHS), RD 363/1995, RD 255/2003, ADR...
  • Procedures for classification and labelling of product families
  • Notification of classification of substances
  • Advice on changing harmonized classification
  • Labeling of substances and mixtures
  • Label Design

Communication in the supply chain

  • Safety data sheets for substances and mixtures
  • Extended Safety Data Sheets
  • Substances and mixtures information sheets according to article 32
  • Analysis of uses maps, exposure scenarios and chemical safety reports for downstream users
  • Uses Communications to ECHA
  • Audits of safety data sheets from Suppliers

Planning, implementation, technical and regulatory advice

  • Identification of obligations and action planning
  • Compliance audits and development of management systems and procedures
  • Analysis of intermediate substances
  • Assistance before inspections and safety audits
  • Advisory service to companies and corporations
  • Helpdesk service

International Regulatory Review

  • Analysis of legislation and requirements to export to new markets
  • FDA registration, statements for nanomaterials Decree 2012-232 (France), Chemical Inventory Records (Turkey) ...
  • Global Product Strategy – Substances Safety data information


  • Customized and personalized training. In-company training
  • Open Training


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