Physical Protection. Security. Critical Infrastructure Protection Act

INERCO develops and implements all aspects related to the protection of facilities, ensuring the security of people, property and the environment. This development follows a methodology based on a thorough knowledge of the industrial facilities, as well as on the application of internationally recognized risk assessment tools, thus anticipating those illegal activities that may occur.

INERCO offers the development of risk assessment and protection plans ports, transportation and industrial facilities as well as its implementation, according to the latest international standards and complying with the current legislation concerning protection.

INERCO develops its services using the latest methods and international standards on risk assessment and action planning before illicit situations

The development of protection services by INERCO includes the following actions:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIP)
  • ISPS Codes
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Protection planning
    • Operational Security Planning (OSP)
    • Specific Security Plans (SSP)
  • Protection Management System
  • Comprehensive implementation of the corrective measures
  • Security audits
  • Security training

Carolina Sánchez 

Area Manager

Emergency Protection

Industrial Safety Division

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INERCO Industrial Safety

Management of Physical Protection