Industrial Safety

INERCO has an experienced team of professionals and specialists in all areas of Industrial safety and risk prevention to meet the challenges of the industrial safety and risk management, as well as providing technical assistance to ensure safety levels are consistent with its business, the environment and compliance to regulatory requirements.

Major companies within the OIL & GAS, Chemical and Petrochemical industries, Energy, Mining, Cement manufacturing, Iron and Steel, Agricultural and food, Pharmaceuticals and Naval sector, as well as industry associations and public Administration trust in the comprehensive solutions offered by INERCO such as:

    • Safety assessment of processes (PHA/HAZID/HAZOP/SIL/BOW-TIE)
    • SEVESO II. ( Chemical accidents legislation ). Safety Reports
    • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and Hazard Analysis (HAZAN)
    • Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA)
    • Environmental Risks Analysis
    • Port security and combating marine pollution
    • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Studies (RAM)
    • Risk Based Inspections (RBI)
    • Protection Plans. Assessment, design and implementation
    • Fo Advanced training in emergency situations and special risks works (Service Provided by INERCO Forespro
    • Process Safety Management
    • Comprehensive safety audits
    • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
    • Regulatory inspections
    • Substance registration and uses authorizations : REACH, biocides, etc.
    • Chemical Safety Assessment: Chemical Safety Report and Exposure Scenarios
    • Only Representative of non-European companies
    • Consortia management and SIEF representation
    • Safety Data Sheets (Regulation 453/2010)
    • Classification and labeling of substances and mixtures: CLP Regulation (GHS), RD 363/1995 and 255/2003, ADR, etc.
    • Communication of uses, classification and labelling notifications (SVHC)
    • Substance identification and analysis of intermediates
    • Planning, implementation, management systems and audits
    • International Regulatory Analysis
    • Training

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Process Safety Management (PSM)

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Juan Santos Remesal Inerco Seguridad Industrial

Juan Santos 

Industrial Safety INERCO

Manager Director Reach Integra

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Gabriela Reyes Delgado Inerco Seguridad Industrial

Gabriela Reyes 

Area Manager Process Safety

Industrial Safety Division

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