Management of Soil and Groundwater

Quality inspection:

  • Geological and hydrogeological assessment
  • Borehole, piezometers and vapor sensors
  • Soil, groundwater and soil gas sampling
  • In situ and laboratory chemical analysis
  • Monitoring well networks

Detailed assessment:

  • Detailed geological assessment
  • Geophysical assessment
  • Soil gas survey
  • Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical assessment
  • Water bodies vulnerability and protection assessment
  • Pumping tests
  • Modelling of saturated and unsaturated areas
  • Risk assessment for human health and ecosystems
  • Administrative management of contaminated land

Recovery Project:

  • Technical and economic assessment of remediation solutions
  • Pilot Tests
  • Project remediation design
  • Administrative management of project remediation

Supervision and management of remediation project:

  • Works management
  • Environmental supervision
  • Turnkey projects
  • Purchasing Management
  • Administrative management of the remediated land

Certification of a remediation works:

  • Review and control of works performed
  • Soil and groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Control of natural attenuation





Bruno Coquelet suelo contaminado inerco medio ambiente

Bruno Coquelet 

Head of Waste and Soil Services

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