Land and Groundwater Technologies

Remediation of the unsaturated area:

  • Excavation and management in disposal treatment centres
  • Excavation and landfarming biopiles
  • Air Circulation, extraction and bioventing
  • Washing
  • In Situ heat treatment

Remediation of the saturated area:

  • Pumping and treatment
  • Free phase extraction and vacuum pumping
  • High vacuum
  • Microbiological treatment
  • Permeable reactive barriers
  • Bioremediation, oxidation and reduction
  • Biorecuperación, oxidación y reducción

Design, construction, supply and commissioning of equipment for remediation:

  • Venting equipment
  • High Vacuum Equipment
  • Pumping and treatment
  • Equipment of groundwater recirculation well
  • Stripping columns
  • Desorption and stripping units
  • Active carbon filters
  • Modular containers




Bruno Coquelet suelo contaminado inerco medio ambiente

Bruno Coquelet 

Head of Waste and Soil Services

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