Soil and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

INERCO offers the best solutions for the management of soil and groundwater contamination, optimising costs and facilitating negotiations with the Administration:

  • Control and Monitoring: soil and groundwater control and certification of remediation projects
  • Soil Assessment: Detailed assessment of soil and groundwater and remediation design
  • Remediation: Project supervision and management and supply of technologies

We propose and define advanced remediation solutions, consistent technically and economically with the needs of each project. We design, manufacture, supply and operate modular recovery equipment, fully automated, with low maintenance requirements, equipped with saftey measures and allowing remote control and monitoring.

  • Soil Remediation Technologies: Excavation and management in treatment centres, thermal desorption, soil washing, thermal treatment in situ, flow and vapor extraction, Landfarming and biopiles
  • Groundwater Remediation Technologies:: Free phase extraction, High vacuum extraction, pumping and treatment, water circulation, bioremediation, oxidation and reduction

INERCO features:

  • Authorisation as a Collaborating Institution with Administration
  • Registered as a waste manager for contaminated soil remediation

Bruno Coquelet suelo contaminado inerco medio ambiente

Bruno Coquelet 

Head of Waste and Soil Services

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