Development and Implementation of Environmental Policies and Regulations

In INERCO technical and regulatory knowledge are two of the cornerstones of our work, which combine with extensive experience of over thirty years in the comprehensive management of environmental aspects of industrial facilities. These principles, together with the inseparable vocation to anticipate European, national and regional legal and regulatory developments in environmental matters, participating on numerous occasions in their development, have allowed us to collaborate and advise national and international authorities in development , implementation and evaluation of policies and environmental regulations in many fields compatible with industrial development.

To this end, our main services include:

  • Diagnosis of situations and strategies for the implementation of new environmental regulation
  • Technical assistance to government agencies and to the development of environmental legislation
  • Implementation and evaluation of the degree of compliance with environmental policies
  • Regulatory impact analysis of environmental legislation


esther valdivia inerco medio ambiente

Esther Valdivia 

Environmental Division Manager

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