Environmental Policy and Regulations

INERCO helps governments and organisations to develop the implementation of policies and programs at different levels and in different sectors.

The location of our offices in Europe and Latin America helps the transfer of knowledge promoted by multilateral programs or international cooperation projects with effective local application.

INERCO combines technical expertise and practical experience in all industrial sectors to help countries and institutions by providing technical support to develop policies and regulations, as well as in assessing the degree of implementation of the legislation.

Our experience includes supporting the development of environmental regulation at different levels (national, regional and local) as well as technical assistance to governments and agencies through guides / tools.

Our services in multilateral projects:

INERCO offers a wide range of services, considering not only environmental regulation affecting sectors such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Electrical, Chemical, Cement, Steel, Food, Ports, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy, but also, if necessary, interrelation with sectoral regulations, Safety or Occupational Hazards, through a multidisciplinary approach and effective partnerships with international and local organisations.

  • Participation or leadership in multinational consortiums: implementation of European environmental directives in the candidate countries (Europeaid) Framework Programmes (Horizon 2020), World Bank projects, IDB, UNDP, CAF, ...
  • Training of governments or companies
  • Developing tools and guidelines
  • Design and organisation of workshops focusing on major groups of interest

esther valdivia inerco medio ambiente

Esther Valdivia 

Environmental Division Manager

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