Unified and Integrated Environmental Authorisations

Autorizaciones Ambientales integradas y unificadas

INERCO combines its expertise in obtaining and modifying over 200 Integrated Environmental Permits (AAI) in all industrial sectors, with a detailed knowledge of production activities and technical factors, as well as the current and future applicable governmental regulations.This has enabled the successful establishment of approaches that have improved the negotiation in obtaining the resolution of AAI, optimising the new requirements and environmental conditions applicable to installations and to new affected activities ("IPPC new entrants" ).

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Assistance in relations with authorities and stakeholders

The extensive experience of INERCO in dialogue with governments and groups or organisations potentially affected by projects or situations ("stakeholders") is considered an essential element in strategic business planning and allows us to offer specialised technical assistance to our customers in managing such projects or situations.

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Francisco Javier Hidalgo

Area Manager

Enviromental Authorisations

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