Dilution Water

The analysis of water impact is one of the services INERCO offers clients in many different sectors, having extensive experience in impact assessment and design of disposal facilities (outfalls, discharges to surface) to ensure compliance with legal standards for conservative and non-conservative contaminants including thermal impact. Therefore, we develop hydrodynamic modelling studies of liquid waste in any body of receiving water: rivers, open water, port waters, lakes etc.

  • Application of hydrodynamic models for simulating the dilution of discharges to the aquatic environment(CORMIX, MIKE and CFD)
  • Ecotoxicological Studies, eutrophication, changes in coastal dynamics, etc.
  • Recommendations for the design of proper environmental disposal systems (underwater and at surface level)

 Angel Perez Garrido impacto ambiental inerco consultoria

 Ángel Pérez 

Area Manager

Environmental Modelling

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