Environmental Assessment and Authorisations

In INERCO develops and applies solutions for environmental prevention and control management, which contributes to improving the competitiveness of our customers.

The comprehensive technical expertise and experience of our professionals, together with precise knowledge of the industrial reality, administrative procedures, legal aspects and implications for the business allow us to provide the best solutions for each case.

We contribute to industrial development in multiple sectors such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Gas, Electricity, Mining, Cement, Steel, Ports, Food, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure, based on our specialised services in:

  • Integrated prevention and pollution control (IPPC, Industrial Emissions Directive)
  • Management of environmental permits and licenses
  • Environmental impact assessment of plans and projects
  • Environmental modelling (meteorology, air quality, odor, water, soil, hydrogeology, noise)
  • Environmental studies
  • Management and environmental restoration
  • Territorial Planning and Industrial Planning
  • Management Systems
  • Due diligence

esther valdivia inerco medio ambiente

Esther Valdivia 

Environmental Division Manager

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