INERCO offers 30 years of experience in delivering solutions that contribute to sustainable development of organisations. We have a full team of highly qualified professionals with capability in the field of sustainability.

Social responsibility (SR):

  • Diagnostics of situations and strategic plans of SR
  • Implementation of policies in organisations SR
  • Risk analysis
  • Management systems of SR or sustainability (SGE 21, RS-10, ...)
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Identification and management of stakeholders
  • SR and sustainability reporting (Global Compact, GRI Reports, ...)

Tools for sustainability:

  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Environmental footprint of organisations and products
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water Footprint
  • Eco-labelling
  • Environmental product declarations (EPD)
  • KPIs (key performance indicators of sustainability)

Sustainable procurement criteria

Jose Maria Cascajo cambio climatico sostenibilidad Inerco consultoria

José Mª Cascajo 

Responsible for climate change and sustainability

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Soluciones para el desarrollo sostenible

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