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INERCO sistemas automáticos de medida de corrientes de proceso monitorización

INERCO develop and implement advanced systems for in-line monitoring of process streams in refineries, petrochemical plants, etc….In-line process stream monitoring systems are of a highly complex nature due to, amongst other factors, the necessity to continue analising process stream conditions whilst adhering to the highest of safety standards.

The problems of monitoring are accentuated in areas classified as requiring ATEX certification where it is stipulated that the measuring equipment used is within the manufacturer's specifications so as to achieve continuous high quality measurements. These factors should be taken into consideration prior to project design in order to avoid problems later on such as the inability to carry out monitoring of the whole system.

To ensure system reliability and adequate monitoring quality, the design of the sampling equipment needs to be very precise as does the system for handling and storage of samples. The use of suitable measuring equipment and the design of a sample return system that does not interfere with the quality variables of the whole monitoring process is essential. In addition, the whole process will have to apply specific criteria according to the process stream being measured and the type of plant, according to the monitoring objective and considering the subsequent operation of the system in relation to the initial design.

At INERCO we develop completely integrated projects and tailored solutions for all our clients in the field of process stream monitoring under full EPC mode, or conversly, with a reduced scope for solving a specific problem in an existing system, with the guarantee and commitment of always achieving the best possible outcome.

This type of monitoring is of high value and allows for adaptation to the requirements necessary to achieve the desired end product, quality levels that can be met and process and cost optimisation of the operation.