Engineering Integrated and comprehensive engineering services for the design, implementation and commissioning of industrial plants and installations
Technology Environmental and energy optimization, use of renewable energy sources
Environment Comprehensive solutions for the prevention, control and environmental management
Safety and Risk Prevention
Safety and Risk Prevention Industrial Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention

Specialised Consultancy

The vast experience gathered by INERCO in the evaluation and optimisation of industrial processes grants a significant technical background to provide specialised consultancy services on process technologies.

INERCO offers a wide range of services among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Process analysis and optimisation based on CFD simulations
  • Fluid dynamic design of systems
  • Development of tests for diagnosis, tuning and optimisation of industrial boilers and process heaters
  • Participation as an independent entity for the performance of Guarantee Trials of combustion technologies or pollutant control equipment to comply with contractual values
  • Techno-economic feasibility assessment of new technologies and processes
  • Provision of training on new processes and technologies
  • Coordination and execution of R&D projects for energy and environmental improvement
  • Development of experimental pilot plants