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Industrial Processes

Engineering and advanced technologies for the optimisation of processes.

INERCO offers its own development solutions for the economic and environmental improvement of industrial processes.

Our technological solutions have been successfully applied in thermal power stations, chemical plants and oil refineries.

At INERCO we design, build and install advanced technology systems and equipment which guarantee significant improvements in energy performance, in operating and maintenance costs, and in the reduction of environmental emissions (CO2, CO, NOx, SOx, particles, etc.).

At INERCO we also provide engineering services for diagnosing and optimising industrial processes.

Services and Products

  • Equipment for energy and environmental optimisation
    • ABACO: Advanced automation of boilers and industrial furnaces using "Controlled Home" techniques for the optimisation of combustion (performance; unburnt fuels; NOx, CO2, CO, SOx emissions, particles, etc.; use of new fuels; maintenance; slag removal; dirtying; corrosion)
    • Optimised injection of reagents using local monitoring to reduce contaminants (e.g.: SNCR for NOx, desulphurisation)
  • Systems for monitoring and regulation of processes
    • ABACO-Loi: Automated sampling and measurement of unburnt fuels in ashes and, in general, of losses through calcination in pulverised solids
    • OPTICOM: Automatic monitoring system (CO2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2) of the local combustion conditions in boilers and industrial ovens
    • EMIR: Automated systems for characterisation of mass flows of pulverised coal and other solids transported pneumatically
    • ABACO-Proximate: Automated analysis (ashes, volatile products) of coal and other pulverised solids
    • ABACO-Coal: System for automated and optimised regulation of coal supply to individual burners (there are other specific versions for other fuels)
    • ABACO-Air: System for automated and optimised regulation of air supply to individual burners
    • ABACO-Clas: System for automated and optimised regulation of mill classifiers
    • Pyrometry and flow rate measurement systems
    • Corrosion sensors
    • Systems for measuring granulometry
    • Systems for measuring atmospheric emissions and immisions
    • Continuous sample taking.
  • Control and optimisation of processes using expert systems and advanced software
    • Artificial Intelligence applied to the optimisation and control of industrial processes: Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Neuronal Networks, Genetic Algorithms
    • Process monitoring networks: intelligent instrumentation and PLCs
    • Monitoring of processes based on SCADAs (Official Partners of GE-Fanuc Intellution)
    • MES applications for the management and optimisation of control
    • Acquisition, monitoring and data processing systems
    • Continuous energy accounting systems
    • Advanced monitoring systems
    • Remote supervision of processes and control
    • Advanced multilevel distributed control systems:
      • Intelligent instrumentation
      • Network of PLCs
      • SCADA monitoring
      • Advanced control (Artificial Intelligence)
      • MES applications
  • Advice/Consulting on processes engineering
    • Diagnosis and optimisation of energy consumption
    • Adjustment of combustion systems for introduction of new fuels
    • Reduction of emissions through combustion adjustments and optimisation of purifications systems
    • Diagnosis and optimisation of water steam cycles
    • Design of purification systems
    • Fluid-dynamic modelling of processes
    • Simulation of processes. Studies on optimisation of processes
    • Basic design of process equipment
    • Technical and economic viability studies of new processes
    • Optimisation of production processes: efficiency in the consumption of utilities, identification and elimination of bottlenecks, etc.
    • Revamping studies for existing units
    • Follow-up programmes for processing and production conditions
    • Test-Run in production units
    • Drawing up of operating manuals
    • Drawing up of protocols for guarantee tests
    • Drawing up of protocols for performance calculation
    • Analysis of technologies market
    • Assessment of applicability of new technologies (e.g. co-combustion of biomass, desulphurisation, denitrification, oxygen combustion, etc.)
    • Delivery of training courses on process technologies (combustion, emissions reduction)
  • Trials for characterisation and optimisation of processes
    • Diagnostic trials
    • Adjustment and optimisation trials
    • Trials for configuration of expert systems
    • Guarantee tests for compliance with contractual values
    • Tests for selection of representative measuring points for automatic monitoring systems
    • Determination of thermal and speed profiles
    • Characterisation of gas distribution
    • Measurements for determination of distributions of fuel and air flow rates
    • Evaluations of granulometry of pulverised solid fuels
    • Trials for adjustment of combustion systems for the introduction of new fuels (e.g.: new coal mixtures, co-combustion of coal-biomass, etc.)
  • R+D+i in new technologies for industrial processes
    • Execution of R+D+i Projects
    • Coordination of R+D+i Projects
    • Search for financing for R+D+i Projects
    • Tailored developments of technological solutions

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