FLEXICOM-LNB: Flexible Coal Supply to Burners

  • Self-developed technology for low NOX operation and improved boiler performance by enhancing the flexibility of pulverised coal supplies to burners.
  • FLEXICOM-LNB allows the establishment of continuous and steady combustion process operation within a defined optimal area, avoiding the increase of NOX promoted by any change in the arrangement of mills in service.
  • Main results:
    • NOx reductions in the range of 30%-60%
    • Improvements in unit heat rate or carbon-in-ash
    • Ability to efficiently use lower quality or lower priced fuels
    • For new facilities, typical savings in SCR capital costs in a range of 6%-8% (catalyst volume, reagent storage plant size)
    • For existing facilities, typical savings in SCR operating costs above 30% (catalyst replacement and reduced ammonia reagent consumption)
    • Typical Return On Investment periods as low as 1-2 years

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Paper POWERGEN 2012

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