Specialized Consulting Instrumentation

The expertise provided by INERCO in the field of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems covers all the aspects of these systems, including:

  • Audits and Diagnostics of Systems
  • Review and definition of maintenance plans
  • Training of plant personnel and contractors

Systems Diagnostic developed by INERCO experts allow:

  • Identification of anomalies or necessities in CEMS: design, installation, or operation
  • Detection of requirements in the Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) and general management systems
  • Definition of recommendations on the CEMS and management system
  • Establishment of plans for the compliance with the Environmental Authorities requirements
  • Optimization of the investment needed to implement any corrective actions on the CEMS, and reduction in costs through the improvement of the management systems of the CEMS (savings in maintenance and monitoring)


 Enrique Tova Holgado Inerco Tecnologia Abatimiento

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