Gas Monitoring in Rotary Kilns (ABACO-Pirocom)

  • Direct and continuous characterisation of flue gases (O2, NOx, CO, CO2, SO2) at the exit of rotary kilns, such as those found in cement factories
  • Main advantages:
    • Optimised design to avoid obstructions in the sampling line, even for maximum dust concentrations in flue gases
    • Direct determination of actual excess O2 in kilns without possible air in-leakage via the rotating seal
    • Control of the main operating variables (cooling flow rates, temperatures, etc.) towards highest availability and system protection
    • Easy, low-cost and effortless replacement of spare parts
    • Minimal maintenance by non-specialised operators
    • o Synergy with an optimised operation of non-catalytic NOx abatement systems
  • Results:
    • Minimisation of operational excess O2. Typical reductions: 1%-3%
    • Typical savings in furnace primary fuel: 8%-10%
    • Typical NOxreductions: 35%-45%
    • Process control for stable combustion conditions
    • Reduction of ammonia reagent consumption (SNCR): 20%-30%

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