In-furnace Gas Monitoring (ABACO-Opticom)

  • Combustion optimisation system based on the accurate monitoring of the combustion process
  • Automatic measurement and control of in-furnace local gas concentrations in industrial boilers and furnaces (O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2)
  • Identification of key settings and parameters to optimise emissions and heat transfer through combustion tuning (distribution of fuel and air, excess O2, etc.)
  • Prevention of detrimental operating conditions in boiler walls
  • Main results:
    • Actual results based on information taken directly from selected in-furnace points
    • Actual concentration profiles (no averaged values, no interpolation software)
    • Simultaneous improvement in heat range in a range of 0.5%-1.0%
    • Typical NOx emissions reduction in a range of 15%-30%, exclusively through combustion tuning
    • Improvements in carbon-in-ash and CO emissions
    • Corrosion and slagging control

 Enrique Tova Holgado Inerco Tecnologia Abatimiento

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