Carbon-in-ash Control (ABACO-LOI)

  • Technology for the automated sampling of fly-ash and the on-line measurement of carbon-in-ash based on Loss On Ignition (LOI) determination
  • Reproduction of reference laboratory techniques used for the measurement of unburned matter in the fly-ash generated in thermal combustion units
  • Additional application for the on-line characterisation of parameters such as volatile matter or total moisture in pulverised coal sample
  • Benefits of using ABACO-LOI:
    • Assured and proven reliability
    • Unique monitor in the current market in which the measurement methodology is the reference technique used in the laboratory
    • High precision
    • No drift in the measurements or need of calibration
    • Unaffected by variations in the physical-chemical properties of coal or fly ash properties
    • Unaffected by interfering elements: hydroxides, carbonates, ammonium compounds, etc.
    • Cost-effective solution involving different samplers with a single analyser (multiplexing)
    • No obstructions during fly–ash transport





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Combustion Technologies

Article Power ENGINEERING 2012

Paper COALGEN 2012 Monitoring

Paper WOCA 2011


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