Closed-loop Combustion Control (ABACO)

  • Global combustion process optimisation in industrial boilers and furnaces:
    • Combustion process balancing
    • Efficiency improvement
    • Carbon-in-ash minimisation
    • Reduction of environmental emissions (NOx, CO2, CO, SOx, particulates, etc.)
    • Use of new fuel blends
    • Limitation of operational problems (slagging, fouling, corrosion)
  • Integration of advanced technologies for closed-loop control of local combustion conditions:
    • Combustion monitoring systems
    • New regulation elements
    • Advanced combustion control based on Expert Systems
  • Main results:
    • Improvements in thermal unit heat rate (0.5%-1.5%)
    • Simultaneous NOreductions in the range of 15%-40%
    • Control on operational issues (carbon-in-ash, CO production)
    • Efficient use of lower quality or lower priced fuels


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Combustion Technologies

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