Combustion Optimisation

INERCO has a wide range of proprietary technologies for the global optimisation of combustion process in industrial boilers and furnaces (improvement of efficiency, reduction of pollutant emissions, correction of operational constraints, etc.)

These technologies include advanced monitoring systems, novel regulation elements and innovative control capabilities for the combustion process.

Among the monitoring systems developed by INERCO the following can be highlighted:

  • ABACO-Opticom technology for the automatic monitoring of local in-furnace gas concentrations (O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2) in industrial boilers and furnaces
  • ABACO-LOI system for the automated sampling of fly-ash and the on-line monitoring of carbon-in-ash through Loss On Ignition (LOI) determination
  • ABACO-PCSampler technology, for the automated sampling and characterisation of powdered solids of any kind or nature, including pulverised coal
  • ABACO-Pirocom, monitoring system, for the direct and continuous characterisation of flue gases (O2, NOx, CO, CO2, SO2) at the furnace exit of rotary kilns such as those used in cement factories

Concerning combustion regulation, INERCO supplies ABACO-Coal, technology, which enables an advanced tuning of pulverised coal flow rates with the ultimate goal of achieving an adequate balancing of fuel supply to burners.

In this section it is also necessary to highlight ABACO technology, which achieves continuous and permanent optimised operating scenarios by a closed-loop control over local combustion conditions. ABACO system is based on the integration of the advanced monitoring and regulation capabilities described above (including solutions focused on combustion equipment retrofit) with Expert Systems for advanced combustion control.

Among the results obtained by applying INERCO's combustion optimisation technologies in thermal units, it can be remarked the achievement of heat rate improvements between 0.5% and 1.5%, along with simultaneous reductions in NOX emissions in the range of 15%-40%.

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