Windboxes and OverFire Air Systems (OFA)

  • Optimised distribution of combustion air in windboxes to reduce NOx emissions, improve efficiency and limit the occurrence of operational problems in boilers and furnaces.
  • Implementation of OFA (OverFire Air) systems for NOx reduction::
    • Optimised design for a proper air distribution into the furnace section.
    • Customised solutions for any boiler design
    • Installation of OFA with fan support or BOFA (Boosted OverFire Air) systems
  • Implementation of curtain air to protect walls against corrosion phenomena promoted under low NOx conditions
  • Minimisation of imbalances in combustion air supplies to improve combustion efficiency and limit operational constraints
  • Redesign of windbox and combustion air registers to improve fan operation costs by reducing pressure drop in the combustion circuit
  • Increase of furnace or boiler operation flexibility by the implementation and/or automation of burner regulation capabilities, on a burner-per-burner basis or in groups of burners
  • Customised solutions with optimised benefit-cost ratios
  • Possible combination with other INERCO combustion optimisation technologies such as como ABACO or FLEXICOM-LNB

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