Combustion Equipment Supply

INERCO supplies optimised solutions for the retrofit of industrial furnaces, boilers and auxiliary systems in combustion plants.

These solutions are custom designed for each particular case with the ultimate objective of ensuring maximum benefit-cost ratios. Similarly, this approach provides maximum flexibility to respond efficiently to any existing operational problem in combustion units, regardless of the unit design and fuel type.

INERCO offers solutions aimed at improving combustion efficiency, reducing emission of combustion pollutants and/or correcting specific operational constraints, with the following possible scopes:

  • Burners replacement or upgrade to obtain real Low NOx Burners, extend service life or improve their operational capacity
  • Installation of OverFire Air Systems (OFA systems) to reduce NOxemissions
  • Windbox retrofit for the most appropriate distribution of air supply into the combustion chamber
  • Implementation of FLEXICOM-LNB technology, developed and patented entirely by INERCO, to enhance the flexibility of pulverised coal supply to burners, resulting in optimised fuel injection profiles regardless of the arrangement of mills in service
  • Improvement of regenerative Air Preheaters performance to optimise efficiency and availability of combustion plants
  • Milling system retrofit to increase mill throughput and performance
  • Improvement of coal classifiers to optimise coal fineness and, consequently, to reduce carbon-in-ash
  • Development of specific soundproofing solutions for natural draft burners

These solutions are highly synergistic with other INERCO proprietary combustion optimisation technologies, such as ABACO or ABACO-Opticom technologies, which allow the operators to take full advantage of those solutions and retrofits.

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