INERCO participated in The 2013 International Environmental Impact Assessment Congress in Istanbul

The company presented the Spanish perspective in the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Policy for large industrial projects.


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INERCO participated in The 2013 International Environmental Impact Assessment Congress in Istanbul.The company presented conclusions and lessons learned regarding the application of the Policy of Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment for major industrial projects (such as chemical plants and petrochemicals, large combustion plants, oil refineries, cement, LNG gasification, etc.) from a Spanish perspective. Ángel Pérez Garrido, Area Manager of Environmental Modelling delivered the presentation titled “EIA of large industrial projects: The Spanish Case”.

In this presentation key aspects were analysed such as the determination and extent of the authoriation processes, development of specific studies, cumulative analysis in heavily industrialised areas, connections with Integrated environmental Authorisation, bureaucratic barriers, participation of the various stakeholders etc. Also, examples were presented of various projects, including practical applications with detailed analysis of relevant impact such as air quality, noise, odour nuisance, dilution of water discharges, the condition of refrigeration systems etc. Implementation was also discussed for example, requirements and conditions requested by the environmental authorities in actual Environmental Assessments.