INERCO Forespro provides training to over 1.200 Fire Department Profesionals in Madrid

INERCO Forespro has trained more than 1.200 Community Fire Department Professionals in Madrid through one of the most complete training services for the Spanish Fire Department. Specifically, the program has been involved in over 43 different educational activities each of which have been extremely practical. Of note is the difficulty of some of the activities developed, for example, rescues carried out at height, cave rescue, propping and shoring activities, rescue from damaged vehicles, maneuvers with rescue vehicles and driving emergency vehicles among others.

This project was implemented in the two and a half months. In its development, INERCO Forespro has coordinated over 40 instructors and conducted over 15 courses simultaneously. To this, must be added the development of complex logistics, the construction of on-site facilities such as classrooms in learning areas, stores and even a pier station on the San Juan lake in Madrid.

The magnitude of the project has highlighted the operational capacity of INERCO Forespro and the cohesive work of a multidisciplinary professional group that are at the forefront of training for emergency services in Spain.