INERCO provides training and technical advice to FEDEQUIM

The Catalan Federation of Chemical Industry Companies (FEDEQUIM) and INERCO have established an agreement that includes training and advice in areas of high added value and technical expertise.

INERCO and FEDEQUIM have established a partnership framework agreement on behalf of INERCO to FEDEQUIM and their associated companies which offers training and advice in areas of high added value and technical expertise. The services developed by INERCO are grouped on the one hand, in the field of training with specialised courses and seminars, theoretical and / or practical; and moreover, informative technical sessions on advanced developments.

All of this is in the following areas: industrial safety, risk prevention in the workplace and the environment. The offer by INERCO is directed both at companies associated with FEDEQUIM -more than two hundred Catalonian chemical companies- along with other interested chemical companies. FEDEQUIM is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to defend the rights and interests of the Chemicals Sector especially in Catalonia, through monitoring the legislative activities at regional and national levels.

Currently, the activity of chemical companies in Catalonia according to FEDEQUIM is “48% of all of Spain, and 50% of the activity of the commercial sector”. Therefore, the chemical activity in Catalonia, expressed in terms of turnover, “is superior to some Member States of The European Union, such as Austria, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and all of the 10 new member countries“. Fede Quim currently has 220 companies associated directly and 5 related associations. Grouping a whole collective of over 600 companies.