INERCO Forespro presents innovative training to chemical companies in Aragón and Navarra belonging to COASHIQ

INERCO Forespro has presented innovative training to chemical companies in Aragón and Navarra belonging to COASHIQ (Autonomous Commission for Safety and Hygiene in the Chemical Industry).

The presentation focused on the field of practical training in the field of control of chemical safety and emergencies. Using their extensive experience in training for emergency response and rescue, aimed at both the industrial sector and Security sector, INERCO Forespro presented their training methodologies based on the most advanced standards such as NFPA and OHSAS and adapted to the needs of the chemical industry, installations, systems and materials which they count on.

During the presentation COASHIQ representatives and technicians from INERCO Forespro had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of practical training. Issues were addressed both regarding spillage intervention and leakage of dangerous products along with emergency management for team leaders and responsible people within installations for which INERCO Forespro had advanced training programs available.