INERCO Acústica develops the creation of Natural Soundscapes for the Regional Andalusian Government


The Department of Prevention, Environmental Quality and Climate Change in Andalusia has chosen INERCO Acústica for the demarcation of Natural Soundscapes according to the plan of conservation set down by the European Union Directive 2002/49/CE and the National Noise Law 37/2003 in Spain. The project, which places INERCO Acústica at the technological forefront with respect to management of environmental noise levels at national level, is an opportunity to export the “know-how” obtained to other markets and business areas within the INERCO group. The work will take place in the first half of 2014 and will represent a pilot project to develop the jurisdictional functions of the Andalusian Government, in relation to the demarcation of Natural Soundscapes in Spain.