The Engineering Division promotes the use of 3D Point Clouds as a basic design tool

For several years INERCO Engineering Division has incorporated the use of 3D Point Clouds as a source of geometric measuring information for use in projects. On numerous occasions the need has arisen to create “as-built” plants using laser scanning of existing facilities. As such, INERCO has been able to incorporate all the necessary information (pipes, equipment, structures, etc.) in 3D design software that used (SP3D, PDMS, ...) resulting in the efficient completion of tasks such as route analysis for new pipework, implementation studies of new equipment, monitoring interference, space availability and new connections with existing equipment ...

Among other benefits, this technology reduces the number of visits required to the project location,greater accuracy of measurement, data collection in difficult to reach areas and improved communication with the customer through the 3D information available.

Another achievement accomplished by INERCO´s Engineering Division is the completion of Dimensional Control projects performed by using 3D polygon meshes from Point Clouds. Using the right software and based on these models one can predict and check the assembly of equipment or structures and check against permitted tolerance levels during manufacturing processes, etc….




INERCO has recently developed work of this nature for CEPSA and BAYER 

The Engineering Division is working closely with LEICA, a leading company within in this sector, and it has vast experience in the use of these type of products, with both Laser Scanners and Point Cloud design and management software. Many customers are incorporating this technology as a prerequisite in their tendering process. As such, INERCO has recently developed work of this nature for CEPSA and Bayer Group companies.