ACON in Colombia and Peru: Twenty years and ten years of sustainable development

ACON-Group INERCO was launched twenty years ago to promote sustainable development in Colombia and, ten years later the business model was replicated in Peru. During this time, we have worked continuously in both countries with clients such as Exxon Mobil, BHP Billiton (Cerromatoso and Tintaya) and Conalvías. We are extremely satisfied with the progress made so far and are looking forward ,with great enthusiasm, to the challenges that lie ahead.

Since our inception we have been capable of growing, expanding and diversifying our portfolio of services. We have strengthened our expertise in environmental management, community and social management, industrial safety, occupational health, archaeological management, and developed different projects in the fields of hydrocarbons, mining, industry and infrastructure, both in public and private sectors thanks to our clients who have trusted our professionalism and have allowed us to cooperate in their various projects associated with mining, hydrocarbons, road infrastructures, airport facilities, power supply, telecommunications, industrial installations, the construction industry, and so on.

Now, at ACON-Group INERCO we consider ourselves to be in a great postion to take on new challenges together in the coming years. A challenge that we will undertake together and henceforth continue to explore new opportunities and projects helping form strategic alliances, and when necessary, we will propose initiatives and liaise with the appropriate authorities in both Colombia and Peru. With the support of all the professionals in the INERCO Group from The USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Spain, our main objective is clear: to contribute to sustainable development in Colombia and Peru.